What's happening with me?!?

Ah...i couldnt concentrate at all...Final exam is on next week...I still got lots to study !!Today as usual , I went to the study room to study..I sat there and took out my "TechnicaL Mathematics With Calculus" refrence book and try out some questions...MY brain isnt working properly...I have been trying the same question for ten times but still cant get the concept...Just because i went back home for three days and my brain got rusted??

Mr.Noodle-It's Weekend !

well...i had been thinking how to write my first post...after brainstorming for few hours..let's see what we have got now...wua..la..my "first post" in blogspot..i used to have a few blogs ..sadly..they got abandoned,and eventually 'they' died in middle of nowhere.....